A friend of mine, Claudio Cassano, recently shared some inspiration with me—a skater named Heath Kirchart, who he considers to be no. 1:


Yesterday night, I was sitting at Union Square with one of my best friends, Jo. There were skaters all around us and I said to Jo, “Skaters are all kind of cocky huh?” to which she replied, “Yeah, they have to be confident so that they’re not hesitant to skate”– to be able to pull of tricks, to not be afraid to fall and get hurt.

I’ve been getting back into listening to my favourite band, Incubus and felt a connection of my interpretation of the lyrics for their song Promises, Promises with the idea of skater confidence, and not being afraid of what is to come, of not promising anything, not expecting anything but just doing, just skating for the sake of loving it.