High and Low


I’m kind of confused about the high/low concept, I keep hearing different things from different people. 1) To pick a high-end designer and translate their designs to a lower price point i.e. Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s 2) Interpret “high” and “low” metaphorically and produce a collection based from that.

Okay so for now, I’ve decided to incorporate both concepts into one collection.

Dries Van Noten’s unique print mixing + the metaphorical interpretation of “high” and “low” through images of death and life (skeletons and fruits/flowers)

  • large placement prints, small patterns
  • contrasting elements superimposed (animals, textures, politics, people)
  • life and death (obvious ideas: animal skeletons, flowers, fruits)
  • combining this concept w/ “age of the beautiful man concept” i came up w/ earlier (decorative yet classic, time for the man to shine, balancing of the genders, end of discrimination)
Ideas for pieces:
  • all over print shirt
  • print on collar only shirt
  • sheer back paneling on button down
  • all over print pant (tapered at bottom)