Internal/External: Concept development

Every time I ride the train I can’t help but observe and analyze what people around me are wearing. On the ride back home today, while looking at everyone’s umbrellas, shoes, clothing etc. I realized that there had to have been a thought process (even the slightest opinion) behind each individual’s decision to purchase and utilize that object/wear that article of clothing.

This awareness led me to the question—what it is about the design of an object or piece of clothing that allows an individual to prefer it over another? I answered this with the idea of a person being able to relate his/her personality with the particular design of an umbrella or shoe or whatever and therefore defining his/her internal with external aspects in the form of clothing, accessories, tools etc.

I was also inspired today by something Clive Dilnot said during the Global Issues in Design lecture:

Mcqueen’s ability to meditate on his ancestry…critical affirmation of taking something and making a commentary on it (ex/ Romantic Nationalism, Widows of Culloden, Highland Rape).

Another point of interest was Dilnot’s summarization of Bauman’s proposal that contemporary culture is only concerned with consumption.

Taking all of these ideas into consideration, I have decided to develop a menswear collection, inspired by skate/street culture (Lords of Dogtown), while also making a commentary on popular youth culture (focusing on leisure activities) of today. I will be creating my own patterns/prints from photographic manipulations or other methods yet to be explored of street textures, art and graffiti.

<img class=”aligncenter” title=”

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